Our society is based increasingly on information and measurement. The COVID-19 pandemic and its response around the world, among other recent events, revealed how dependent global society is on data and analytics. Yet, we also see a growing level of doubt about knowledge and expertise, which is also impacting politics and society at large for instance through populism, denial of scientific findings and mistrust in democratic cultures and institutions. Where does knowledge stand in society today, and how does that play out in different realms of social life? What role does doubt play? How should sociology study and respond to the changing configurations of knowledge and doubt in Finland and around the world? The Westermarck Society Annual Conference invites sociologists to consider contemporary sociological questions from the perspectives of knowledge and doubt in Tampere in March 2023.


Welcome to Sociology Days in Tampere in March 2023!

On behalf of the organizing committee Ali Qadir

Chair |


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