The theme of the Sociology Days 2020 is Community.

The notion of community is one of the key concepts of classical sociology. It is used, for example, to refer to the multiple types of small or large social units that share something in common, such as norms, values, or identity. The term itself, however, has remained elusive. It has been used to refer to a political union, a tight collective of people within a specific geographic area, to a social structure, or to an imagined collective. Yet, it has also been used to describe a sense of belonging or even a nostalgia and longing for an imagined past where life was better. However, the fluidity of the concept allows it to stay open to new conceptualizations and explorations.

The theme of the Sociology Days 2020 explores the role of communities in today’s culturally and politically diverse and contradictory world. The question of community is tied with the right to choose one’s subjectivity and identity, to privatization processes as well as the diversification of difference. What are the new dynamic forms of multi-communality ? And who and what are left out when communities are formed?

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