The theme of this year’s conference is Circulations. The idea of circulations arises in spotlight as a tool of researching and thinking the collective living and being. Focusing on circulations opens a new perspective on current social phenomena from platform economies to migration.

Circles, curves and swirls overshadow cubical orders and structures. Return, repetition and cycles, rather than linear change, become clear in sociological landscapes. Everything circulates: refugees, migrant workers, business elite, data, second hand goods, capital, blood in veins, water in pipes, gifts in Kula, moon, earth, money and gossip. And everything repeats, returns: holidays, Monday morning, tide, menstrual periods, payday, election day, paying of debt, migratory birds.

Sosiologipäivät 2018 invites sociologists to discuss repetition, cycles, turns and changes, good cycles, vicious cycles, round games, time, matter and thoughts cycling. Everything on which society’s and communal life’s structures, institutions, power relations and networks go around.

Keynote speakers of the conference are:

  • Amade M’charek (University of Amsterdam)
  • Ruben Andersson (University of Oxford)
  • Mianna Meskus (University of Helsinki)
  • Maria Åkerman (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

More information:

Conference secretary Teemu Sorsa

Chairperson of the organizing committee Ilpo Helén

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