The conference registration is made via this webshop. If you want to dine at the Thursday evening dinner, remember to add it in your cart. The menu can be found from the product page of the dinner. If you are a student and want to attend thursday evening student programme, don’t buy the dinner as these overlap in the timetable.

Instructions for the registration:

If you already are a member of The Westermarck Society, start buy logging in to your account here. Then add the ”prodcuts” you want (the right registration category and possible dinner) to the cart in the shop (from the left side menu ”tilaus ja jäsenyys -> kauppa”) and proceed to your cart by clicking ”näytä ostoskori”. Then proceed to checkout by clicking ”siirry kassalle”.

If you are not a member yet but are willing to become one: you can buy the membership from the shop: pick either opiskelijajäsenyys (for students), varsinainen jäsenyys ja vuositilaus + sosiologipäivät (non-student membership including the conference registration) or ainaisjäsenyys (permanent membership). If you chose the student or permanent membership, pay you membership fee first by proceeding to checkout (näytä ostoskori -> siirry kassalle), after the payment log in and buy the right category registration ”product” from the shop. If you bought the non-student membership + conference regirstration, you already got the conference registration covered there.

Non-member registration: pick the right category from the shop (student, postgraduate student, general non-member), click ”näytä ostoskori” and proceed to checkout by clicking ”siirry kassalle”.

The prices are the following:

  • First degree students, members of Westermarck society: 0€
  • First degree students, non-member: 30€
  • Postgraduate students, members of Westermarck society: 30€
  • Postgraduate students, non-member: 95€
  • Member of westermarck society (non student): 35€
  • Non-member: 115€
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