Photography exhibition


Call for Photographs for the Exhibition

The Annual Conference of the Westermarck Society 2018 will be held at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu on March 15th to 16th. At the same time, Circulations – Photography Exhibition will be organized at the same venue. According its name, the exhibition interweaves with this year’s theme of the Conference:

Focusing on circulations opens a new perspective on current social phenomena from platform economies to migration. Circles, curves and swirls overshadow cubical orders and structures. Return, repetition and cycles, rather than linear change, become clear in sociological landscapes. Everything circulates: refugees, migrant workers, business elite, data, second hand goods, capital, blood in veins, water in pipes, gifts in Kula, moon, earth, money and gossip.

The participants of the Conference are invited to submit an individual or small series of photographs for the exhibition: one or at the most three photographs per participant. You can submit your photograph(s) during December 1st, 2017 and February 11th, 2018 by sending an e-mail: ville-samuli.haverinen(at)

The space reserved for the exhibition is limited. Hence, it is unfortunately not possible to print and include all the submitted photographs to the exhibition. The objective, however, is not to choose the “best” among the images, but to compile an interesting and versatile, circulations from different perspectives and with different ways exhibiting ensemble. The submitted photographs must, nevertheless, meet certain criteria to be included.

When the exhibition is over, the photographers will get their printed works for themselves.

Requirements for the Photographs

The photograph(s) must be taken by you and you have to have full rights to it. The organizers of the Conference will have the right to publish the image(s) on the event website and in the social media. The copyrights of the photograph(s) will be abided by the photographer.

Every submitted photograph must include a name of the work and a short description about the image and its connection to this year’s theme of the Conference.

The submitted photograph(s) must be in digital format: TIFF or high-quality JPEG. To ensure high enough quality printing, the image(s) must contain at least about 2925 x 4130 pixels (about 12 Mpx).

The photographic technique is free and editing allowed within appropriate limits.

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