Ann Phoenix (University College London, UK), torsdag 11 mars 2021

Ann Phoenix is Professor of Psychosocial Studies at the UCL Institute of Education. Her research interests include motherhood, social identities, young people, racialisation and gender. Recent funded research project areas of Professor Phoenix include: boys and masculinities, young people and consumption and adult reconceptualisations of ’non-normative’ childhoods’, particularly of serial migration, visibly ethnically mixed households and language brokering in transnational families.


Akwugo Emejulu (University of Warwick, UK), fredag 12 mars 2021

Akwugo Emejulu is Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick. Her research interests include the political sociology of race, class and gender and women of colour’s grassroots activism in Europe and the United States. She is the author of several books including Fugitive Feminism (Silver Press, 2021) and Minority Women and Austerity: Survival and Resistance in France and Britain (Policy Press, 2017). She is co-editor of To Exist is to Resist: Black Feminism in Europe (Pluto Press, 2019).

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