The history of the Annual Conference

The Annual Conference is usually held in March. It is a traditional ‘get together’ of Finnish sociologists.

There has been a certain circulation in the hosting of the National Conference as can be seen in the following table and diagram.

Year and the location of the hosting sociology department
1989 Oulu
1990 Tampere
1991 Helsinki
1992 Jyväskylä
1993 Joensuu
1994 Turku
1995 Oulu
1996 Tampere
1997 Helsinki
1998 Jyväskylä
1999 Joensuu
2000 Turku
2001 Rovaniemi
2002 Tampere
2003 Helsinki
2004 Jyväskylä
2005 Joensuu
2006 Tampere
2007 Turku
2008 Rovaniemi
2009 Helsinki
2010 Jyväskylä
2011 Tampere
2012 Kuopio
2013 Turku

The ‘cycle of Annual Conferences’ is not a complete one; for example in 1969 the Conference was held in Vaasa where ”the red flags were hoisted for the first time” (Toivonen 1969, 37); and in 1988 the Conference took place as a boat seminar in the Swedish-ferry ‘Sally Albatross’.

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