2014 Annual conference

Sociology Days at Rovaniemi


University of Lapland

One of the fundamental questions that generations of sociologists have asked is: how is SP2014_logo_.jpgsociety possible? The answers proposed to this question have included norms, institutions, socialization, structures, cohesion produced in interaction and exchange, and sometimes even human interdependency: the pure necessity of survival. Ties that bind – the theme of the Annual Westermarck Society conference of 2014 – renews this basic sociological dilemma. Instead of providing just one theoretical answer, the conference examines concrete ways in which people are tied with each other; how communities are formed, networks built and new ties formed. And how are customs customised? 

On the other hand the conference theme also asks, how processes of rejection and exclusion work, and what has happened to citizenship and politics – ties that supposedly previously tied communities together. Are we on our way to a world, where the global economic (and political) elite of the few is bound together, while the rest linger on in war with each other?


Thursday, March 27th, 2014

10.00–12.00 Registration

12.00–12.20  Opening words

12.20–14.20 General lectures:

Chair: Professor Soile Veijola, University of Lapland

  • Professor Sarah Pink (RMIT University, Australia): ”Digital Media, Presence and Everyday life in the home: The Bindings of People and Things”
  • Dr. Olli Pyyhtinen (University of Turku): ”No Gift with/out Bond? On Giving and Exchange”
  • Professor Donatella Della Porta (European University Institute, Italy): ”Democracy is not a spectator sport! Spreading democracy in the Anti-Austerity Movements”

14.20–15.00 Break

15.00–18.00 Workshops

19.00 Event at Rovaniemi town hall

20.00 Evening party and dinner at Cafe Tivoli (Valtakatu 19, 96200 Rovaniemi)


Friday, March 28th 2014

9.00–11.00 Workshops

11.00–12.00 Lunch

12.00–12.30 The Westermarck Society –spring meeting

12.30–12.40 Break

12.40–13.00 Westermarck Thesis Award



Chair: Adjunct Professor Jarno Valkonen, University of Lapland

13.00–13.20 Opening words: Professor Anssi Peräkylä, University of Helsinki, President of The Westermarck Society

13.20–13.40 Professor Emeritus Antti Eskola, University of Tampere

13.40–14.00 Dr. Marja Alastalo, University of Tampere

14.00–14.20 Dr. Kirsti Lempiäinen, University of Lapland

14.20–14.40 Dr .Eeva Luhtakallio, University of Helsinki

14.40–15.00 Ending of Sociology Days

17.00–21.00 Train-waitingclub at Cafe Kauppayhtiö (Valtakatu 24, 96200 Rovaniemi)

For other inquieries, you are kindly requested to contact the conference secretary Mervi Hyötylä (sosiologipaivat (at) ulapland.fi).

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