Campus map, arrival instructions and accessibility


It is easy to navigate between the Kuopio campus buildings on foot. The primary event venue is Snellmania, but working groups may be located in the following buildings:

  • Snellmania & Melania, Yliopistonranta 8
  • Canthia & Medistudia & Mediteknia, Yliopistonrinne 3
  • Tietoteknia, Savilahdentie 6

Several dining options are available on campus:

  • Snellmania Restaurant and Café Snellari in the Snellmania building
  • Canthia Restaurant in the Canthia building
  • Mediteknia Restaurant in the Mediteknia building
  • Tietoteknia Restaurant in the Tietoteknia building


Many of the university’s facilities are accessible and usable by various groups with disabilities. Inclusive parking spaces have been arranged on campus, and accessibility has been considered in outdoor pathways, including structural solutions and winter maintenance. Main entrances to buildings are equipped with ramps, and doors generally have opening buttons. Different height storage options are available in building cloakrooms. Elevator buttons are marked in braille, and some elevators also have audio guidance. All buildings are equipped with elevators and accessible toilets, which are signposted. The restaurants on Kuopio campus are accessible. Induction loops are available in Auditorium SN100.


Kuopio is easily accessible by train or bus. The distance from the bus station and railway station to Kuopio campus is just over two kilometers. Kuopio can also be reached by air, with the airport approximately 14 kilometers from the city center.


Kuopio campus is well served by bus connections. Route information is available at as well as through the Vilkku and Waltti mobile applications, where you can also purchase your mobile ticket directly.

Taxi services in Kuopio are provided by companies such as Kuopion Taksiykköset Oy (tel. 0200 111 01) and VieVie Sinut Oy (tel. 0100 0700).


Parking on the Kuopio campus is subject to charges on weekdays from 7 am to 4 pm. Parking is free at other times. Parking fees do not apply to accessible parking. The hourly rate for short-term guest parking is 1 euro, up to a maximum of 6 euros per day. Short-term parking fees can be paid at parking meters or via mobile payment. Payment entitles you to park in all designated university parking spaces, excluding heated parking spaces.

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