Programme 2019

Programme 2019


THURSDAY 28.3.2019

10:00–12:00: Registration

12:00–12:30: Opening words

12:30–13:30: Keynote: Göran Therborn, University of Cambridge (Mauno Koivisto lecture hall, Publicum 1st. floor).

13:30–14:30: Keynote: Melinda Mills, University of Oxford (Mauno Koivisto lecture hall, Publicum 1st. floor).

14:30–15:00: Coffee break (at own cost)*

15:00–18:00: Working groups

20:00: Dinner and reception by the city of Turku at Kåren (pre-registration required)**

22:00 Evening party at Kåren**

* We recommend to use the café in the same building where your working group gathers. Publicum is the only building without a café

** More information about the dinner and evenig party available here

FRIDAY 29.3.2019

9:00–11:00: Working groups

11:00–12:00: Lunch (at own cost)*

12:00–13:00: Giselinde Kuipers, University of Amsterdam (Mauno Koivisto lecture hall, Publicum 1st. floor)

13:00–14:00: Minna van Gerven, University of Twente (Mauno Koivisto lecture hall, Publicum 1st. floor).

14:00–14:30: Coffee break (at own cost)

14:30–15:00: Westermarck Society spring meeting

15:00–15:30: Westermarck Society Award announcements

15:30–16:00: Closure of the conference

*Take a look at the restaurants here

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