2019 Annual conference

Sociology days 28-29.3.2019: Various Faces of Inequality

University of Turku & Åbo Akademi

Important dates:

  • Workshop confirmation 1.12.2018
  • Call for papers 1.12.2018-31.1.2019
  • Registration 1.1.2019-28.2.2019
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Contact information, getting around and practicalities


Conference secretary Vesa-Matti Paasivaara
phone. 050 5121463

Chairman of the organizing committee Mikko Niemelä



Have a look at the campus map  which features buildings where the main events of Sociology Days take place.

  • Publicum: T50,   Assistentinkatu 7
  • Educarium: T47,   Assistentinkatu 5
  • Arcanum: T22,   Arcanuminkuja 4
  • Calonia: T23,   Caloniankuja 3
  • Asa: Å23,   Vänrikinkatu 3
  • Arken: Å22,   Tehtaankatu 2

The conference venue is located a short walk from the city centre, circa 1 km.  The best walking route to the venue goes along the Piiskankatu from next to the cathedral (see the map below, blue line).




The phone number of the local taxi center is 02-10041.

You can take a bus eg. 50, 51, 53, 54 and 220 from the city centre’s marketplace (Kauppatori) to the venue. Previously mentioned busses leaves from platform T42.

Most of the busses goes around the student village and stops at the Holiday Club Caribia which is only 100 metres away from Publicum (see the map above).  On the one hand, busses also leaves from the same stop to the centre.

Take a look at the time tables, routes and journey planner from the Turku region traffic website Föli.

The address of Caribia is Kongressikatu 1, Turku  when leaving the marketplace (Kauppatori).



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Lunch restaurants and cafés

There are several lunch restaurants near the venue, just a couple minutes of walk away to get there.  Please note that the nearest is usually the most crowded.

Have a look at the campus map or Unica’s restaurant map and find your place to eat.

  • MACCIAVELLI, Educarium building: T47
  • GALILEI, Agora building:  T6
  • ASSARIN ULLAKKO  & Vegetable restaurant BRYGGE: T45

Turku School of Economics:

  • MONTTU: T57

Nearest Kårkaféerna restaurants:

  • FÄNRIKEN, Asa huset: Å23
  • ARKEN, Arken: Å22
  • GADOLINIA, Gadolinia, Å18

There are also Cafés in Arcanum and Calonia buildings.


Publicum is the only building without a Café.

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Various Faces of Inequality

The theme of the 2019 annual conference of the Westermarck Society is various faces of inequality.  The focus of the conference concentrates on the expressions of societal divisions and stratification as well as their diversity.  In their presentations, the keynote speakers will expose the appearence of traditional and new forms of inequality in modern societies.


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WiFi and Internet

UTU Visitor

UTU Visitor in an open unencrypted network for all campus area visitors:

  • Connect your device to the UTU Visitor network.
  • Open an Internet browser and insert your name and e-mail address in the login page.
  • A single login is valid for 8 hours after which you need to log in again.



The secured Eduroam network can be accessed with the University of Turku username and password or credentials from other universities and institutions participating in the Eduroam consortium:

  • Connect your device to the Eduroam network
  • Log in with your UTU username and password inserting the username as username@utu.fi or use your credentials from your home institution
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Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers of the Sociology Days 2019


Göran Therborn is a global social scientist, of Swedish roots. Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Cambridge, UK, Affiliated Professor of Sociology at Linnaeus University, Sweden. Former co-Director of the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences at Uppsala, former Professor of Sociology at Gothenburg University, Sweden, former Professor of Political Science at the Catholic University Nijmegen, Netherlands.

He has worked in and on all the populated continents of the world. His works have been published in at least twenty-four languages. He is also a civic intellectual, with a lifetime commitment to universal freedom and equality, a supporter of anti-imperialist and egalitarian social movements, as well as a writer of and on Marxist and Radical theory.


Melinda Mills (MBE, FBA) is the Nuffield Professor of Sociology at the University of Oxford and Nuffield College. She completed her Phd in Demography at the University of Groningen (Netherlands), and has further studied bioinformatics and genetics. She was the Editor of the European Sociological Review (2012-2016). Mills’ research spans a range of interdisciplinary topics at the intersection of demography, sociology, molecular genetics and statistics. Her substantive research specializes in fertility and human reproductive behaviour, assortative mating, labour market, nonstandard employment and chronotypes, life course and inequality. She currently leads the ERC funded programme SOCIOGENOME (www.sociogenome.com).

Mills has published various statistics textbooks in R on survival and event history analysis (2011, Sage) and has a forthcoming book on applied quantitative genetics statistical analysis (2019, MIT Press). She serves on various national science Boards such as the Executive Council of the Ecnomic and Social Research Council RCUK, the non-Executive Supervisory Board of the Dutch Science Council (NWO) and the NHS Digital Research Advisory Group.


Giselinde Kuipers is a Professor of Cultural sociology at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She received her PhD from the University of Amsterdam in 2001. Since then, she has worked at the University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and again at the University of Amsterdam. She has been a visiting scholar at many places around the world, including the University of Pennsylvania, University of Navarra, University of Bologna, University of Milan, The Netherlands Institute in Turkey Singapore Management University, and Sciences-Po Toulouse. She is the founder of the Cultural Sociology Program group at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research of the University of Amsterdam. From 2015 until 2018, she was Chair of the Sociology Department of the University of Amsterdam.

Giselinde Kuipers has published widely in English and Dutch in the fields of cultural sociology, the sociology of beauty, humor, media, cultural globalization and transnational culture. She is the author of Good Humor, Bad Taste: A Sociology of the Joke (2006, 2nd revised edition 2015) as well as many articles in journals such as the American Sociological Review, Poetics, Cultural Sociology, European Journal of Cultural Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies an American Behavioral Scientist. Her work was translated into various languages. She received funding from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences, and the European Research Council. In 2009, she received an ERC Starting Grant to study the social shaping of beauty standards in 6 European countries. Currently, she is preparing a book based on this project. Moreover, she has started a collaboration with scholars from Baptists University of Hong to study beauty standards in an Asian context.


Minna van Gerven is Assistant Professor in Sociology of Governance at the Department of Public Administration, University of Twente, the Netherlands. Prior to joining University of Twente, Minna was Post Doc researcher at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS), University of Amsterdam. She holds a PhD from the Tilburg University in The Netherlands, and an MSc from University of Tampere, Finland. Minna van Gerven is a leading scholar on EU and Global governance and social policy, currently focusing on questions like ‘under what conditions policy innovations diffuse’ and ‘what is the role of social policy in the emerging technological change’. She has recently hold numerous visiting appointments in China, ranging from Renmin University of China, Beijing; Fudan University Shanghai to University of Science and Technology China in Hefei.

Her recent publications include ‘Efficiency or compensation? The global economic crisis and the development of the European Union’s social policy’, Global Social Policy. 2018 (with Imke Lammer and Oliver Treib); ‘Youth Policy Innovation Diffusion in the Netherlands: The Realization of Centers for Youth and Families by Municipalities’, International Public Management Journal, 2018 (with Wouter Jans, Ariana Need an Bas Denters); and ‘Teaching the Dragon? The Diffusion of European Union’s Social and Employment Policies to China’, In Mok (Ed.), Managing International Connectivity, Diversity of Learning and Changing Labour Markets (Spinger), 2017 (with Weiquo Yang).

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Working groups


Annual conference of sociology 2019 – Various Faces of Inequality
Date: 28–29 March 2019
Place: University of Turku and Åbo Akademi

The call for session proposals is now closed. We received 62 proposals and it is the all time record! Thank you! We will inform the coordinators by the end of November.

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Conference participants are asked to make their own hotel reservations and pay for their own accommodation at the hotel. Pre-reservations have been made to the nearby hotels listed below, but the availability of the limited number of rooms can only be guaranteed for a limited time.

Please check the deadlines and booking codes for reservations mentioned in each hotel info. These room prices are available only for bookings made directly with the hotel by email or by phone. All prices are per room and per night, including breakfast buffet and VAT. See the map at the end of this page.

Original Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs, Kauppiaskatu 6, 20100 Turku

Original Sokos Hotel City Börs, Eerikinkatu 11, 20100 Turku

Prices are valid in both hotels between 27.3-29.3.2019:
92 EUR / standard single / night
102 EUR / standard double / night

Reservations: Email: sokos.hotels@sok.fi, phone: +358 20 1234 600,

or in the website www.sokoshotels.fi:

  • Choose a hotel: Original Sokos hotel Hamburger Börs OR City Börs
  • insert the following in the reservation code section: Börs: BSOSPAIVAT2019 tai City börs: BSOSPAIVAT19
  • the room and special price will show up if there is still rooms left

NB! Please do not hesitate to make your reservation early. The room quota will be closed on March 14, 2019.

SCANDIC JULIA, Eerikinkatu 4, 20100 Turku

Email: julia@scandichotels.com,
Phone: +358 2336000

Prices are valid between 27.3.-29.3.2019:

Single room:  95 EUR / night
Double room: 100 EUR / night

Room quota closes on March 14, 2019
Reservation code: SOSIOLOGIPÄIVÄT


HOLIDAY CLUB CARIBIA, Kongressikuja 1, 20540 Turku

Email: asiakaspalvelu@holidayclub.fi
Phone: 0300 870 900

The price is valid between 28.3.-29.3.2019:

Single room:  108 EUR
Double room: 128 EUR

Room quota closes on March 4, 2019
Reservation code: Sosiologipäivät 2019


CENTRO HOTEL TURKU, Yliopistonkatu 12a, 20100 Turku

Email: centro@centrohotel.com
Puh: +358 2 2118100

The price is valid between 28.3.-29.3.2019:

Single room: 100 EUR
Double room : 120 EUR (Double bed or separate beds)

Room quota closes on March 4, 2019
Reservation code: Sosiologipäivät 2019


For a less expensive no-frills alternative:

Omena-Hotelli Turku, Humalistonkatu 7, 20100 Turku

HCV Hostel TurkuHämeenkatu 20, 20500 Turku

Poshtel Turku Hostel, Puutarhakatu 7 B 11, 20100 Turku

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For students

Sociology days is not only for researchers. It is also a great opportunity for students to learn about the research, make contacts and first and foremost get to know the students of sociology and social sciences from all over Finland. The conference is also very suitable for the new students of the subject. The event for the evening programme for students on conference Thursday can be found here.

If you want to attend the student programme, don’t buy the dinner card as these overlap in the timetable.

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